Tesco jersey rant

I'v bought a few cd's lately from tesco jersey when they were reduced to £2 or £3, they are usually on back order but eventually arrive in a couple of weeks.

A couple came the other day and the postman knocked on the door to tell me the address was wrong on the parcels and only that it was him delivering them and he knew me, i might not have got them.

So i went online to re-input my address as i still had 4 orders outstanding.With that all sorted i thought all my outstanding orders would now be sent to the correct address....wrong.

One was sent out today to the other address, it appears that even if you change your address, any order placed before then will still be sent to the old address, i phoned to ask them to change the address on the orders and was told they couldn't! i'd have to cancel the orders!

some of these orders were made nearly 4 weeks ago, how hard can it be for them just to change the delivery address? not happy, as some of the things i've ordered cannot be re-ordered.


..does seem abit silly.

i doubt it would be that hard for them to sort the address..surely they have it all on computers infront of them? for orders.. (or something similar)

will teach you to put in your correct details next time;-)

It's understandable from their point of view. To them, when an order's made, it becomes finalised, and can't be edited anymore. This is reasonable enough - the way they see it, you agree to pay the money for them sending a specified product to a specified address. It's all been accepted by you and confirmed, so they've no reason to leave it open for editing. It's just a closed case waiting for dispatch.

Items aren't sent using the address listed in your profile, they're sent using the address specific to that item. If they were sent using the profile address, it'd become impossible to send gifts to people directly.

But, yeah. Schaf's right. You really need to check the address you give next time. If you give them the wrong address and then confirm it with them, you can't really blame Tesco when things go wrong.

It's because the computer captures the address at the time of order, if you update the details on your account only orders made after that will capture that address, its because no human is involved, it is all done by a non thinking machine, I know its frustrating but they process millions of orders.
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