Tesco Juice offer?

    Tesco had an offer on Tropicana Juice 2 for £3 so picked up two further down the isle it was on offer 2 for £3.50 got to the check out and it scanned at £3.50!
    Massive cue at customer service, is it worth it for 50p? I thought so plus didn't want others to fall for it. Customer service lady wasn't very pleased at all she said it was unlawful to advertise 2 different prices, took the offers off the shelf and gave us a £1 refund, so i think it was worth it.
    You go round shopping trying to save the pennies and if you get ripped off 50p makes it all seem a bit worthless.


    I agree - I was charged twice for one item yesterday, I rang them up because it didn't come to light until I looked at my receipt when I got home. What really gets me is the lack of an apology. The lady just said, oh, bring your receipt in next time you are here.
    No apology!!!!
    I used to work on Tesco customer service desk and the first thing that should be said is, I'm sorry that happened, I'll try now and sort it out for you. (What's happened to the training - these days?).
    Glad you got it sorted and yes it is worth it.

    I always go back even if it is only a few pence as it is the principle and if they overcharge every customer just a few pence it would soon mount up.

    It's quite common that they mess up on the special offers. I'm always finding it. In our store, customer services don't seem to care at all. They'll refund the difference but it almost as if they think i'm at fault for noticing.

    Original Poster

    Have to say the staff were helpful and pleasent.

    yes Morrison's seem the worse for it really get on my wick when they just hand you over the difference with no apology..

    asda has done this to me on various products in total i have had to go to customer service 8 weeks in a row as i was overcharged for items

    you will find 90% is down to human error or laziness imho.

    They don't check the labels end dates and remove them if out of date. I am constantly printing off new labels after seeing the current ones are out of date (some upto 3 weeks old).

    Gets on my wick as it's not my job and the staff who are supposed to do it, don't "get around to it".
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