Tesco Laptop: Gateway Vs Acer

Found 19th Sep 2007
OK so from my bad experience of buying a laptop from ebay i now have made the decision to buy one brand new. Have been looking at Tesco alongside LaptopsDirect and have found these models. I know someone who works at Tesco and always said i could use her 20% discount if needed, which could save me best part of £70 on a £399 machine. Not having any experience of these brands i was wondering what you guys thought of them. Remember this is for the other halfs birthday and she will be using it at home mainly for net and office stuff.

direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx Gateway Machine

This one has 2gig RAM, 15.4" screen, 160Gig HDD, IntelX3100 up to 384meg GFX and Intel T2310 Dual Core CPU.

direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx ACER Machine

This one has 1gig RAM, 17" screen, 80Gig HDD, Geforce 7000M up to 384 GFX and AMD 64x2 TK53 CPU.

Looking at both on paper they seem to be good machines. Personally i dont like the white look of the Acer's keyboard but it has a 17" screen and Geforce GFX. The Gateway seems a better spec to me. It does have a smaller screen i know, but ive never seen any reports on Gateway machines, are they any good, reliable, renound for problems ? My only other option is Dell or LaptopsDirect. Dell are quoting me silly prices atm and dont wanna budge a bit. LaptopsDirect do have a nice Toshiba for £310 but the specs dont match up to the Tesco ones for the price:

laptopsdirect.co.uk/Tos…asp Toshiba Machine

Any comments welcome
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I would go for the Acer one, good manufacturer. But they only quote 1Gb of RAM not 2. For windows Vista you need 2GB really.
oh and forget about the toshiba

I got the Dell vostro 1000 the other day for £350 and really like it, nice and quick, built in Wifi 2gb RAM etc
i bought a Toshiba couple months back and the build quality on it is way better than the 2 dells i bought.
i would say gateway. they have really good reviews frm what ive heard.
Thanx guys... i am leaning towards the Gateway but i dont know whether its now got 1 or 2 gig of ram. seems to be a mix up in the wording of it :-/

Have emailed them awaiting confirmation.

PS did the lady who was thinking of getting the Acer 17" this week make the purchase and if so any good ?
I read recently that a gateway laptop had 2gb of ram recently and it might be the same laptop. think it does, but its worth asking.
OK so ive just heard back from Gateway and that machine only has 2x512 RAM and a 120Gig HDD not as stated above. Im gonna throw another into the equation if any1 has had any experience of it as i also have a m8 who works in Asda and gets 20%:


I guess the thing is with all of these, coz theyre all pretty similar specs, is the GFX cards. I have no idea which one to choose as they all have different GFX chips. Any1 know what theyre talking about when it comes to the Geforce, Intel and Radeon integrated graphics ?? A little pointer would be appreciated :-)

PS I do like the look of the Asus... they are supposed to be good brand arnt they ??
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