Tesco (left 4 dead 2) - check ur bank statement right now.

    If I was you -

    check your bank statement online if they took out your money of left 4 dead 2 games.

    They have took my money out today and my game is CANCELED but they just took my money !



    2 Dec 2009 28NOV09 , TESCO ENTERTAIMENT, DIRECT - 30.00

    Gj Tesco, And yes they canceled.

    Oh yea, Gonna give them a call and butt**** them no end, Hopefully i'll get my copies of Lfd2 too, Aswell as furthur discounts.

    They've charged me aswell but it was refunded just after

    thanks for heads up!! checking now..

    nothing taken out yet.... did you place your order early in?

    yup they've taken my money too, surely thats an acceptance of contract?

    I think it's how direct debits work to be honest - the money is taken 4 days later (?) - don't hold me to this. Either way checked my statement and weirdly enough they had refunded me £15.00 yesterday, then got round to charging me £15.00 later in the afternoon. Wish they had forgotten the second part to be honest...


    yup they've taken my money too, surely thats an acceptance of contract?

    That's my understanding...

    All of the emails, cancellation and order confirmation state that no money is taken until dispatch. I will be arguing this one out with them

    me too
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