Tesco Merged Clubcard Accounts - advice needed

Found 3rd Mar 2008
As a family we have three clubard accounts (one in my name one my partners and one in my daughters who is technically not old enough to have an account) plus we get a separate mailing on our joint credit card account. I was waiting for the vouchers on my daughters account but they have not materialised. On looking back at the voucher mailings they seem to have changed clubcard numbers on the mailings and i received a mailig with her clubcard number addressed to my name.

When I order online i tend to rotate the accounts.

When I checked online although there is a different clubcard registered to each account they both show the same number of points and the items i ordered through my account on my last online shop show in her favourites list. So it would seem that they have merged the accounts and I think I have lost points accumulated on one of the accounts as i was expecting more than double the amount of vouchers I received.

Should I call up and innocently ask where the vouchers areor am I putting my account in jeopardy?
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I would not suggest calling them if you have been taking advantage of extra points vouchers by using them on more than one account.

I only use one account, but I know that other people use multiple accounts to make use of the extra points vouchers. Someone has had all of their vouchers removed after tesco found out that they were abusing the vouchers.
Thanks for the reply, I figured it might be a silly thing to do although I don't take the mick with the codes - Ijust use the odd one more than once. It annoys me though cos I spend thousands with them so the odd tenner isnt going to harm them.
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