Tesco has got an offer on all Aussie Hair care range shampoos, conditioners etc...get x2 250ml bottles for £6. (I still think that is a bit pricey)

    6pm tonight tucked away in the shampoo section I saw another offer for 4 for £3 on Treseme 50ml bottles shampoo but right next to these, it also had a ticket with the 250ml bottles Aussie range which also said 4 for £3.

    They had 8 bottles left, bought all of them (2 litres of top quality conditioner for £6). I knew they would probably not go through at that price.

    At the till I was charged £24 for the 8 bottles....then I toddled off to customer services, took the lady and showed her the ticket, she could clearly see that it was a misprice and there was nothing she could do about it!

    So because I was OVERCHARGED, I got double the difference back.......£36 back onto my card, YIPEEE. Never had that happen to me before. Well pleased.

    Hoping there is another store with the same misprice ticket somewhere and someone else can benefit.


    they did this last year =] x

    which did you get the money back on the Aussie or Treseme...sorry just confusing me a little which is not hard haaa

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    The Aussie 250ml bottles. I got 8 bottles for £6

    I think the misprice was that it should have been x4 50ml travel size bottles for £4.

    Tesco double the difference if you have been overpriced, hence I got £36 back

    good stuff......gotta keep my eyes open for misprices! although its such a hassle going back to CS and showing them etc.

    Original Poster

    10 mins at customer services for £36.

    Money well spent IMO

    But no, I agree. I would not do it for a few pance
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