Tesco Mobile 3g problems

Found 18th Oct 2010
I'm on an iPhone Tesco tariff, as is my boss. Neither of us can connect to the internet through 3g. Anyone else having issues?
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working fine for me
All the time or just in certain places ?
I've only tried at work, cos at home I'm on my wifi. It's not just the boss and I now, other ppl having issues too who are on Tesco but not iphone.

I work for Tesco too, wondering if their blocking it to try and get us to do some work????
no problem with mine(and i work for tescos), no iphone tho
I would recheck that your settings are correct
I can't see how settings could effect it when it was working yesterday and it's me, my boss and at least 4 colleages.
My old 3G had issues with 3G - search apple discussions and do the usual resets
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