Tesco Mobile 500 Mins + Unlimited Texts + Data Sim Only Deal

Found 8th Feb 2011
I've been tasked with finding a cheap phone deal for my gf's mum. She's currently on PAYG with Tesco Mobile and just wants a cheaper deal - say £10 a month or so.

She's doesn't use the internet so Tesco's stingy "unlimited" data allowance is neither here nor there.

She says she wants to stick with Tesco, so Tesco has to be the preference, although if a vastly superior deal is available on another network it would be sensible not to rule it out either.

I know the standard Tesco deal is 250 mins and unlimited texts for £10, which touch wood should be adequate enough, but I was just wondering if the 500 mins deal that is constantly posted on this site still running?

Or a better deal on another network maybe? (got the famous £7.50 T-Mobile deal myself).

Also does the £35 cashback still apply for sim only deals with Tesco? (I noticed Quidco describe it as "pay monthly mobile contracts" which would imply that it does whereas TCB describe it as "pay monthly mobile contract HANDSET" which applies that it might not do).
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Stay clear of Tesco Mobile.

Try a google search on reviews of them as a company and their customer service. Which also isn't free on pay as you go I believe.
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£10 on 02 for 300 mins + Unlimited Texts + Unlimited calls to landlines is good if she spends a lot of time phoning homes on the go.
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