Found 6th Dec 2009

Would anyone know whether mobiles sold on Tesco's own mobile network have branding on them??

Also anyone know how easy they are to unlock? Its a Nokia 6303 on Tesco Mobile pay and go im looking at as they have pretty good deals on it instore but need to be able to use it on another network as an xmas present.

Thanks in advance


they are unbranded

although some of them have tesco screensaver locked onto them

£49.95 here on Orange payg :]http//ww…03/ :thumbsup:

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£49.95 here on Orange payg … £49.95 here on Orange payg : :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info guys.

This orange deal is a great price but although im not exactly sure what network the person im getting the phone for uses I know its not orange as it has awful coverage in the area......I think its o2 but I understand although Tesco uses the o2 network they are still locked against using it on o2 which is a pain.....

Its looking like ill end up buying sim free

Tesco sell network specific phones that are locked to and branded by other networks, and they also sell 'Tesco Mobile' phones, which are Tesco Branded phones that use the O2 network but you can only use Tesco SIMs in them, not O2 SIMS.

This has been the case with the past couple of Tesco Mobile phones that I have purchased from them. The branding, as other replies have stated, is merely a screen saver or logo for a shortcut key or summit simple that you can change. I simply took my phone to get unlocked for £10 and that was it. Removed the Tesco screen saver etc and I have an unbranded unlocked mobile phone.

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