Tesco Mobile - Get out of contract early !! EMAIL SCREENSHOT ADDED !!

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Found 21st Feb 2011
Successfully gotten out of my contract early.

Tesco Mobile have increased prices recently due to the VAT change

One increase i noticed was international call charges going up from 20p to 25p - an increase which far exceeded the VAT increase itself.

I complained - quoting the Ofcom general condition 9.3:

Where the Communications Provider intends to modify a condition in a contract with a Consumer which is likely to be of material detriment to the Consumer, the Communications Provider shall:

(a) provide the Consumer with at least one month’s notice of its intention detailing the proposed modification; and

(b) inform the Consumer of the ability to terminate the contract without penalty if the proposed modification is not acceptable to the Consumer.
My contract has now been terminated without cancellation fee or penalty."

It took around 3 weeks - but stayed polite throughout and after many calls while they were checking things out.. They agreed that the Ofcom general condition did apply. To be fair though, the customer service i have received has been nothing short of excellent.

The price increase did occur around 3+ weeks ago, so you'll have to be quick if to get your complaint in. As you've only 30 days.

I really hate it when mobile operators increase their prices, since i believe when you sign upto a contract it should stay the same throughout.. Unless they have a good reason to change it, such as VAT increases... Certainly not beyond that though.


All well and good, but do you, or did you, actually ever call abroad?

thanks for the heads up will give them a call tommorow


Is telephoning abroad going to be of material detriment to you?

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All well and good, but do you, or did you, actually ever call abroad?

Only very rarely (Have family abroad) - the usage wasn't a factor in allowing me to terminate - they never checked it. Although i did point out, on those rare occasions, it would be a material detriment to me.

Rules are rules - is why Ofcom has the general condition in place.. Stops operators raising prices within a contract term. Otherwise they could all decide one day that they want 10% more profit, charging us accordingly.
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In before everyone makes a few international calls.. then contact tesco to cancel...........

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Feel free to use the below email to help you resolve the matter with Tesco.

I dealt with somebody named "Becky".

I can't include my account number, for obvious reasons. But this should be enough for you to kick up a fuss, if they aren't providing you with the same resolution as myself. Since they can't hardly justify giving one thing to one person, then not to another.

Should stop them saying "Well people can say anything on the internet."

I asked them to just change the account to sim only, while i decided on which network i'd like to move to.

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