Tesco mobile phone tarriffs ?

    Looking for a new mobile phone (a Samsung J700) and Tesco have phones with £20 call credit. Does anyone know what the price of texts and calls to other networks are. The page on Tescos website is missing (I think it might be 5p a text but not sure on the calls).

    It also says that the £20 is credited to the phone when you make your first call or text. Does that mean you need to put money on the phone first to make the text or call before you get the £20 credit

    Thanks for all advice, it is much appreciated.


    Local and National charges - Using your mobile in the UK for UK calls & texts

    Calls (to any UK mobile or standard UK fixed-line numbers) - anytime 20p /min
    Texts (to any UK mobile or standard UK fixed-line numbers) - anytime 10p /message
    Listen to Voicemail - 905 10p /min
    Video calling 50p /min
    MMS picture messaging 25p /message
    WAP (not GPRS) 10p /min
    WAP over GPRS from 1.9.2005 £4 per Mb
    Tesco Directory enquiries - 118323 50p /min
    Tesco International Directory enquiries £1.49 /min
    Customer Care from handset - 4455 20p a call
    Customer Care from fixed-line Calls cost 7p, plus up to 2p per minute for BT Calling Plans. Calls may be recorded.
    05 Calls 20p/min
    0870 / 0845 / 0844 numbers
    Premium rate calls 20p / min
    From 50p /min/call
    Top-up via handset - 4444 FREE
    Top-up via fixed-line Calls cost 7p, plus up to 2p per minute for BT Calling Plans. Calls may be recorded.
    999 or 112 FREE
    Traffic news 45p /min

    # The promotion runs from 19th January 2009 to 1st March 2009 ("the Promotional Period").
    # You will be eligible for £10 free top-up credit if you purchase a phone under £50 and £20 free top-up credit if you purchase a phone over £50 on the Tesco Mobile network during the Promotional Period (excluding VAT and delivery charges).
    # You must activate the handset by 11.59pm GMT on 8th March 2009 to claim the free top-up credit. Free credits will not be awarded after this date.
    # To activate your handset you can call 282 FREE from your handset (you can also register your Tesco Clubcard to your handset and set up your 5 favourite numbers during this call).
    # The Tesco Mobile free credit tariff offer does not apply to free top-up.
    # Free top-up credits will be automatically credited within 2 working days (Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays) if you activate your handset within the Promotional Period.
    # You will be sent a text message to confirm when the free top-up has been credited.

    To sum up 10p a text 20p per min calls,

    Youll get the £20 for buying a phone over £50, to get this you must activate your phone by 11.59pm GMT on 8th March 2009. To acivate call 282 FREE from your handset. Then youll get your credit within 2 working days if youve done it within the time. Then a text to say youve got the credit.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Daft Punk,

    I thought I had read somewhere that you got 5p texts to you favourite 5 numbers. I might be wrong though.

    Dunno why i left that bit out......Calls 10p/ min....Texts 5p...

    To set-up the 'favourite numbers' call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile and follow the instructions. Please allow 48 hours for the discount to your chosen numbers to be active.
    Your five selected numbers must be either standard UK mobile or fixed-line numbers only. Calls and text messages (if applicable) to these selected numbers must be made in the UK to be valid for the half price benefit.
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