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Found 19th Oct 2017
Have an old tesco pay as you go phone still with about £9 credit on.

Husband has got himself the new iphone so is giving me his last one, said I just needed a new sim.

Went into tesco today and they done it instore, transferred over and gave me a sim card to take away. Just looked at the wee card and there is a sticker on it saying 'pay monthly' . . . .

I assume I just stick the sim in the iphone, my credit will be on it, and I can just select pay as you go? Or did I get wrong sim? I didnt pay for it, the guy just done a transfer.

Waiting for hubby to get home from work and he will put the sim in! Had a look and I couldnt even open the phone!
Ta x
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Very unlikely he's put you on a contract if you only ask for a new sim, all sims are the same so I wouldn't worry about the sticker.
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