Tesco Mobile Standard SIM with Airtime

    has anyone got one of these ? tesco got 50% off these at the moment.

    i read it as saying its £5 and you get £10 credit am I correct ?



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    was planning on using this for free delivery on direct order !

    Thats correct (also has the nice bonus of giving you free PREMIUM delivery on everything else in your Tesco Direct basket if you are buying other things at the same time!)

    got one of these today with myflask order

    can i send loads of texts with these then swap sims then back again

    sorry totally confused with this

    will my texts arrive back?

    you get £11 credit for £5. useful for free delivery as already stated. if you send texts with it and someoone replies to that number rather than your usual number then obviously you'll only get the text if that sim's in your phone.

    If you're on Tesco mobile anyway just phone up customer services and get them to transfer the credit to your normal number. If they don't (never had a problem before) either tell them it was advertised as a voucher which you would've been able to put on that number and if they've still got a problem tell them to set up ping a pound, you can then transfer £1 credit a day to your normal tesco sim.

    The half price offer has been on for ages and should remain so for quite a while.

    I bought the £10 extra one and a kingsize duvet cover with 75% off then used a £5 off code and ended up paying about £7 for £20 worth of credit. I have then been using the ping me me a pound service but you can only get £1 every 24 hrs. Nice way to get cheap credit though :thumbsup:
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