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Tesco Mobile Super Duper Colleague deal - Unlimited Data, Minutes, Texts £10 per month - Colleagues can get 5 Vouchers for Family / Friends

Posted 23rd Aug 2022

This deal wont reach everyone, but if you work at Tesco or know someone who does, then each colleague can qualify to getting 5 of these vouchers to use with Family and Friends. Link goes directly to the Tesco Colleague page, so may not work for all.

There are 350k employees who work for Tesco, so, its going to be useful to some, not all.. Its got to be better than some goose chases surely

What's the benefit?

Our latest Super Duper Colleague Deal is our best-value deal yet. Until 5 September 2022, if you're a Tesco colleague, you can get 5 Super Duper Colleague Deal voucher codes to bag unlimited data, minutes and texts for only £10 a month. This deal is available on a 12-month SIM-only contract or an Anytime Upgrade Flex pay-monthly phone contract.

Here's what you can get:

  • Unlimited data, minutes and texts for only £10 a month
  • A 10% colleague discount on your phone, if you go for the Anytime Upgrade Flex pay-monthly contract
At the end of your contract (on SIM only or Anytime Upgrade Flex), you'll continue to get unlimited minutes and texts, while your data will switch to 50GB a month.

Am I eligible?
If you're a Tesco colleague with at least 4 weeks' service and you have an 8 digit Tesco employee number, then you're eligible for a Tesco Mobile Super Duper Colleague Deal.

How do I get it?
To get started, you'll need your 8 digit Tesco employee number. Once you've got this, just text** SUPER** to 67600. Follow the steps and we'll text you your Super Duper Colleague Deal voucher code, along with an expiry date.

You can use your voucher code over the phone by calling 0345 900 1015, or you can use it in-store. Please let us know you've got a voucher code before we get going with your order. Unfortunately, you can't use your voucher code online at the moment, but we're working on this.

You can get 5 Super Duper Colleague Deal voucher codes and use these voucher codes for yourself, your family and your friends.

Your Super Duper Colleague Deal voucher codes can be used on new orders and upgrades, but they can't be used on existing Tesco Mobile contracts.
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    Mate sorted me and few others out with codes 🏻 great deal!! Even better if you have more than one number on your account.

    You get family perk 50p off further so 9.50£ per month
  2. TheAnonPhoneGuy's avatar
    This is still at 5 SDCD codes for colleagues as well as 10 Normal 10% codes, the new offer is £9/m for 250GB on a 12 month contract then drops to 30GB for £9/m after (or 250GB over 3 years on a phone then down to 30GB when it's done)
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