Tesco Mobile with an o2 Sim Card query

Found 21st Jan 2009
I know it's o2 that provides the network for Tesco Mobile but I don't know if their Sim cards are interchangeable ie; an o2 Sim will work in a Tesco mobile and vice versa.

I'm wanting to take on o2's 'Simplicity Online 20' [600 mins, 1000 texts and unlimited web], needing a mob though and had a hankering to go back to a k810i, bit of a dinosaur in this age i know but I liked it. Cheapest I could find that was possibly compatible with an o2 Sim was at Tesco Direct @ £127.20 albeit on the Tesco network...hence the compatibility question.

Any nfo appreciated.
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know a tesco sim works in a 02 phone but not sure if a 02 sim works in a tesco phone
My o2 sim wouldnt work in my Tesco phone. I had to get the phone unlocked.
Ah well I can kiss that idea ta ta then :roll:

Thanks for the replies folks :thumbsup:
all asda phones are unlocked if that helps you-they really should advertise this more heavily as they would sell more but I can guarantee that any phone you buy on the asda network is unlocked-even the cheapo ones at 9 quid.if you look at the instore display there is a tiny green strip below each display phone that tells you this although you would need a magnifying glass to read it!

all asda phones are unlocked if that helps you

Never knew that, so your right they should advertise it more :-D

Had a swatch at Asda but alas no K810i

Thx for the nfo :thumbsup:
My o2 sim worked in my old lg s310 which is a tesco moble but was it a one off chance?, Hence the question.The other side to it is that i have lots of credit on my o2 nokia c1-01 (which is on its last legs) but i would like a nokia asha 300 and the best deal i can find is on tesco mobile so it could be six of one or half a dozen of the other.

i brought a microsoft phone on asda network today.will this take an o2 simcard?
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