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    tesco motor oil

    Can anyone tell me who makes or supplies tescos motor engine oil ?
    Semi synthetic or synthetic.
    Its awfully cheap but looks ok. on the tubs
    Can anyone help?


    Hi Peter, in my opinion, don't touch it with a barge pole. Car manufacturers specify very specific standards for the oil that should be used.

    Saving a few quid on oil will be a false economy when your find your engine is worn. Check your handbook, it will list a specific standard that your oil must conform to. For example, our VW needs 502.00 spec, and it will state this spec on the bottle if the oil is compliant.

    What you save by buying cheap oil will cost you several times over in servicing the engine/performance/reliabilty etc

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    Yes its 229.3 and this oil conforms to better !!!!!!!!!!

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    So you would think Harlitzer buteven mercedes has said OIL IS OIL
    Their words not mine
    And can i just point out Semi synthetic is approx £35 per 4litres but my son in law works for a garage that buys it for £4.95 so why cant tesco do the same???????

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    Makes you begin to wonder if these companies screw us in price too much.
    Anyway most cars will tell you when the life of the oil is close by a service light, i know my merc does

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    Im not arguing with you guys and the likes of say mobil1 is good no doubting that but also bloody expensive!!!!
    I do 4000 miles per year approx so wht pay mobil 1 price.

    I looked up my mercedes recomended oil grade and it was a 229.3 then looked @ all the oils i could put in it. I ranged from mobil 1 to fuch to oils id never heard of!!!
    Tesco must buy from one of these?
    And the 229.3 corresponds to the european and amarican grades on the bottle and better
    Think about it

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    I think im with you bossy!!!!!! lol

    If the tesco oil specifically conforms to the standards required as stated in your Merc hardbook, then go for it, it must be a bargain.
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