Tesco no longer selling Punjana / Thompson’s tea (in London / mainland?)

Found 27th Jun
Walked into Tesco yesterday evening (London) only to see people and staff with their trolleys literally piled high with my favourite teas reduced to absolute pennies Checked the shelf and the other Tescos near me and they said it has all gone, reduced to clear.

- Punjana (Thompson’s) Tea
- Thompson’s Signature Tea
- Thompson’s Irish Breakfast Tea

They have replaced it on the shelf with what looks from the box to be a very cheap Tesco own brand successor called ‘Stockwells tea’.

Where will I get them all now without moving back to Northern Ireland!? Directly from supplier it is then! I presume Northern Ireland Tesco will still sell it as it is made in Belfast?

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Spango5 m ago

Amazon?Punjana: …Amazon?Punjana: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thompsons-Family-Punjana-Original-Blend/dp/B008GT8R4SSignature: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Signature-Tea-Bags-80S-250G-Punjana/dp/B00DL7SXPIIrish: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thompsons-Irish-Breakfast-Bags-80PK/dp/B001SB4QKU

At nearly £10 a bag? Tesco was £2
Ocado sell them if you shop online and Tesco still seem to have them online if you were to place an online order.
Failing that you could buy directly from Thompsons Tea although I am not sure what the P&P is.
Thompson Everyday Tea is the close approximation to Punjana Tea and is available from Morrisons. Otherwise Clipper Gold Tea is probably the closest blend in taste and consistency to Punjana Tea and is available from Tesco and Waitrose for £3.50 for 80 Bags.
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Really sad news awesome tea

almost certain the 'Stockwells' is just rebranded value
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