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Tesco not refunding sealed games?

Posted 16th Feb 2015
So, I was in Tesco the other day and decided I would buy a copy of a Minecraft for Xbox 360. I got back home and didn't open it as I had other things to do and the next day, I realised I didn't really want the game and that I should just return it. 2 days after originally buying the game, I was back in Tesco at the same counter hoping I could just get my money back as the game was sealed, still had the Xbox sticker covering the edge and all that. When I did ask the cashier for a refund, I was told that they could not accept the game and refund me for "copyright reasons" and that they would be only be able to exchange it for THE SAME GAME... I was quite baffled and showed that it wasn't open, it hadn't been used and that it seemed quite odd. We went back and forth, me trying to get a proper explanation when another cashier decided to chime in and say they couldn't accept the return for "data protection reasons". This confused me even more and they really were being quite rude. I was genuinely confused and, as far as I'm aware, I wasn't aggressive or demanding. They continued to explain that I could have copied the game and they wouldn't be able to resell it. Eventually, I just gave up and asked for a manager. At this point they sort of caved in and let me exchange it for another game. I really didn't think there would be a problem returning a sealed game. Were they just being awkward or is there some rule about returning games I'm not aware of?

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