Tesco online codes warning

    I used a £7.50 off WYS £50 code online and had my groceries delivered on Tuesday - however, when later checking the delivery note i noticed that the £7.50 had not been deducted. I emailed Cust Serv re this and received a phone call last night. They said that they had no record of a £7.50 code being allocated to my account so where did i get it from - i said my Dad as he was going on hol and wasnt using it, they then said thats why it wasn't deducted. I told them it had been accepted and was showing on my order summary even after checking/changing it 3 times. They said it would be but that when it comes to going thro the till it would recognise that its not my code and would refuse it! I was shocked as never had this prob b4 and have used codes from HUKD and MSE many times. Just a word of warning!


    Will bear that in mind - often have family giving me their Tesco coupons cos they all shop in Sainsburys...


    what does it say on the coupon under terms?

    Tescos have changed lately re. using codes and someone else's clubcard vouchers as well. The till recognises now that they are not your own and won't deduct it. My OH had a couple to use before going out of date which he had been given by his mate but the till beeped alerting the checkout assistant. Manager came over and said you can only use your own with your clubcard now. He explained that they were mine before we moved into together and joined accounts so they let it go this time, lucky for him! Think its to stop folk either pinching them or buying them on ebay etc.

    stupid tesco. gone are the glory days of 1000 points on shopping!
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