Tesco petrol stations

Found 26th Dec 2006
Are they open 24 hours in the 24 hour stores? I know the stores will now be shut, wondering about the petrol stations? Need to pop out and get some stuff later and trying to think of somewhere that will be open!
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I just went past the Slough tesco, store closed but fuel open.
Dont know if it will be 24hr though, cant see why not.
No, i don't think they are, i *think* most petrol forecourts close around 10pm at tesco, but the pumps still work cos of the fast pay thingy-me-bob, and given it's a bank hol too, might be closed already
Got me bits in the services in the end. Milk, 95p for a PINT!

Services sure know the art of ripping off! :roll:
Most have Credit Card access to the pumps even when they are closed..
I wasn't after fuel. Fags and Coffee is what I wanted, well, milk for the coffee! Had it black in the end, no way I'm paying 95p for a pint! Not giving them the satisfaction!
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