Tesco Price Checker - Checks your shopping total against Asda and gives double the difference back!

Found 6th Mar 2011
Tesco are now offering an online price comparison against Asda. Enter your receipt details and wait for an email from Tesco to tell you if your shopping would have been cheaper from Asda. If it would have been Tesco will give you double the difference back.

You can also use the service to check your online grocery shop too.

I entered my details this afternoon an am waiting to recieve an email from Tesco to let me know if it could have been cheaper from Asda. Tesco say that you may have to wait up to 36 hours for a reply from them.
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I don't know why the 'go to deal' link isn't working. Here's a direct link
or better still - use mysupermarket.com which compares all the products with sains/tescos/asda/ocado as you add each item to the basket
must be loads of catches with this otherwise I'll be adding 1000 napolina tins of tomatoes to my tesco shop and wanting back 'double the difference' = £1500 lol
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thats handy to have...will dig out some receipts
Don't waste your time I tried it with five receipts all shops over £60 not one came out with a difference I know at least 3 things on one receipt cost more than in asda.
I have tried it with asda shops and nearly on every one there is a pretty good price difference.
this is a waste of time dont even bother! half of the stuff they dont even have, and when they do they take off the money you saved by going to tesco as well!!!!

what you get back are vouchers for tesco which means you have to go back and buy stuff from tesco, its a viscous cylce!!!!!
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