Tesco = re-use any carrier bag instore & collect 1 clubcard point

    Use your own bags to carry shopping @ Tesco - Earn Clubcard points……stm ?

    I think this is a good move


    Me too Edi, I must admit I use loads of them every week & it seems a good incentive!

    Bah!! A few pennies. Reduced food is a much better way of saving the cash. 1p bread at ASDA!! I got a fresh cream chocolate cake for 10p the other day!! Now that's a way of saving money (and often trying new things!!).

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    Bah!! A few pennies.

    Ducky, I think its not the pennies but the incentive to use your own shopping bags that makes the difference .

    I bet Tesco will start selling cheap Chinese made Shopping Trolleys next week. :-D

    [SIZE=2]on the same chain of thought, how much do you get for returning a shopping trolley? 1000 points would be good[/SIZE]

    didn't no which forum to put this in!!

    With my clubcard statement this month i had a leaflet which says if you take your own carrier bag to put your shopping in, doesn't have to be a tesco one instead of using new one's teco will give you a clubcard point. "Tesco aim to cut carrier bag usage buy 25% over the next 2 years"

    Help the enviroment and earn extra clubcard points

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    and the number of clubcard points is at the discretion of the till staff :-D

    Merged your post to edi's leonie_2k5 Thanks for bumping the thread up

    Since this has started I've collected 15 'green' Clubcard points in a week. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    Points make vouchers, Vouchers make money.

    i'm saving for tussauds tickets so extra points come in handy plus i use about 15 bags a week .

    Everytime I go to Tesco and re-use bags I get 0pts :x
    Then I have to queue up at CS to get the pts Grrr. Last time my DH went to Tesco he got pts even though he used New bags! :shock:

    yes and i thought what if you use bigger bags you will get less points when in theory you should get more but i have heard some people give 2 points for bigger bags crates etc

    yes, boxes and bag for life are worth 2pts
    small carier bags 1pt
    I've used boxes and bag for life for almost all the time I've been to Tesco and always had 0pts at check out :x
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