Tesco Rental or Lovefilm

    Im thinking of dropping films and kids channels of sky and signing up to Tesco Rental or Lovefilm. Wht one do you reckon is the best please?

    Has anyone got any codes pleasE?


    if you go love film there are plenty of free trial codes, when then trial is about to end call to cancle and then they offer you better deals like half price or 3 months for the price of 1 hope this helps

    lol see post 1 for free trial

    Tesco dvd rental is run by lovefilm, so the service is pretty similar as you would expect. You get clubcard points from tesco though.

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    Can anyone confirm if post 4# works please in this thread?


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    Anyone please?

    Free Bluray DVD worth(£15) plus 14 days rental free. They normally send you a 2 months voucher to give to your friend, so you could register your partner or someone else in the house!…al/
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