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Found 9th Jul 2010
I was wondering if anyone can help, we have transfered our clubcard vouchers into rewards tokens for butlins, we got a quote for a holiday of £176 so we got £170 in reward vouchers, having phoned up butlins to try and book the holiday, they are saying we have to pay the full price for the holiday awhich they have quoted as being £253, does anyone know if this is right we don't get discounted prices and also can we return the clubcard rewards for a refund???
any help would be greatfully recieved
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dont know about discout but you can normally get refund on the vouchers back to your account
on the back of the vouchers it says cannot be exchanged or money refunded? has anyone tried to get the refunded?
You pay the full price of the holiday, no special offers.
You can send unused vouchers back and they credit them back as points into your account.You cannot get special offers on holidays when using them Paidtoshop is an excellent site for anything to do with Clubcard points.
we went away 2 weeks ago with this deal and yes you can only use the vouchers on a holiday when booking at the brochure price, this deal did not work out much cheaper for us, we saved about a £100 we rang up and asked what the cheapest price for our break was and they told us £355 but when we booked with our vouchers brochure price was £510 and we had £255 to take off in vouchers, bit of a con really but you live and learn:(
It's a shambles using the rewards vouchers for holidays, my mum did it not long ago, and ended up paying an extra £300 because you don't get the good prices when using vouchers. If you ring customer services, or email asking about refunding them or exchanging them they prob will. I know the T&C's advise they don't but customer services at the Head Office are generally fantastic!
waste of time getting these vouchers from tesco-better to get days out or restaurant vouchers-you can usually get a better deal for holidays without them.

tesco will credit them back to you tho,even tho their terms and conditions say they wont.
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