Tesco Saints Row 2 for PS3 order cancellation.

Found 14th Oct 2008
Hi! Bought the game this morning. Just received this email from Tesco saying they have cancelled the game from my order.

Dear ,

Re: Your Tesco.com order placed on Tuesday 14 October 2008 (order no. 19803774)

We are sorry to inform you that we have not been able to obtain an item in your order.

Don't worry, we won't charge you for this item, but this may affect some of the promotions in your order.Your new order summary is shown at the foot of this email.

The item that we were unable to obtain is:

1 x Saints Row 2
Cancelled on Tuesday 14 October 2008

We apologise that we have been unable to fulfil every item in your order on this occasion, but hope that you will return to shop with Tesco.com Entertainmentin the future.

Kind regards,

Tesco.com Entertainment


Was that from the misprice thing by any chance?

I just got the same email....was trying to post in on here but i've absolutely no idea how to start a thread! Am i just being dense??

What a con from Tesco, no reall explanation for their mistake, knew it was too good to be true, oh well, just the James Bond boxset to look forward to now then!!

I got the e-mail too, I was trying to find their T&C as Play.com have one about errors and mispricing but the Tesco e-mail doesn't mention mispricing or an error just that they can't obtain the item. Why then is said item advertised for pre-order at a different price? They lied in their cancellation e-mail, does that not give us some grounds to complain? Just a thought, this is all new to me

Original Poster

Replied to their email saying didn't expect this sort of service from Tesco. Why they cancelled the order when they still have item in stock (i.e. taking orders for it) on their site.
Waiting for their reply.

I received that email too, and have just got of the phone to them. The order has been cancelled as it was a mis-price, she said as per T&C's they can do that, but when i asked her to read out the paragraph or tell me where on the website it says that, she was unable too. Anyway i complained about the wording of the email and said it was a blatant lie as they do have my item so they can fulfil my order but they won't because they advertised the wrong price, she apologised and said i have to re-order at the correct price......oh well thought it was too good to be true.

Honestly now, did any of you really think that you were going to get this game?

mine was cancelled yesterday


Honestly now, did any of you really think that you were going to get this … Honestly now, did any of you really think that you were going to get this game?

No not really, but i'm more annoyed at how Tesco are dealing with it tbh.

lollington, the scrambles for a mispriced item then the cheap comments because of sour grapes, if you didn't get it then just forget it.

I have now had 2 e-amils, the first saying it was not available and was cancelled and the second, coming cleab that they had, in fact, mispriced the item.

Same thing with my Play.com order for the Bond boxset.

mine cancelled too, no worries BUT
compared to Tesco i would go for the misprice on three accessories - kondos LTD remember???
i got headphones from them for SE phone.

TESCO learn to reply properly, explain the fault and give some compensation for the inconvenience

would it have been possible to get the item at that price from the store as the system had misprice??

Original Poster

Few months ago when GAME made a price mistake for preorders of Go!Explore, they cancelled the orders but gave a £10 off voucher.

same with other deals posted lately ........ the price on the website is "an invite" at the price

they can and will refuse to sell at the price (like play have)

you can't do nothing about it as no money changed hands and you weren't inconvenienced by it ....

mistakes happen all the time on websites....... let it go ....... you win some, lose some

an no to the quest about instore ...... the website uses a different database to the stores, e.g. quite a few store prices are dearer than the website price
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