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Posted 28th Dec 2022
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    "Shame on you"...? Really? Lol. A bit ott.
    If people didn't buy them, the superstores would NOT use valuable floor space to sell them. The people you should be venting to are customers. Have you ever thought of that? (edited)
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    Good heavens, Easter Eggs in December.
    I'm surprised you didn't need counselling after witnessing something so awful.
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    they are late this year due to strikes, delays and stuff
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    Morrison's had them boxing day
    & Hot Cross Buns.
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    The day you find this annoying is the day this world stops needing you.
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    OP I know were you're coming from, I also posted a discussion about Costco having all their Christmas trees and decorations on display on 12th August and I got slated by people who thought it was acceptable
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    49167574-pmL6t.jpgMy wife sent me this from the post office in Poole on the 22nd of Dec. She was as gobsmacked too!
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    So whats the harm in buying them early? Infact better if they are on discount
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    Hot Cross buns have been in Sainsbury for weeks.
    Mini eggs, creme eggs etc. were on the shelves weeks before Xmas as well (sure they were in the Spar at MAN airport T1 arrivals before Halloween)

    The larger chocolate eggs are just a different shaped chocolate bar to Xmas offerings. Also, things such as Reindeer = Bunny. (edited)
    I didn't know Hot Cross Buns were a seasonal thing, my mind is blown.
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    Choc manufacturer’s work 3 months ahead of the season. Easter stock they would have started producing a few months back. They’ll be on valentines and Mother’s Day chocs now. Talking out of experience so that’s why they are out early. Ever see Xmas stock in august? That’s the reason. They only manufacture x amount and then move onto the next event or season
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    Farmfoods have had Easter stuff out for a month or so
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    It's been the same for the last 10 years+ what's so outrageous about it happening this year?
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    I was in Tesco earlier and zero sign of anything Easter related. Mostly towels where the Xmas chocolate was previously.
    £5 still for a tub of Quality Street, the plastic one.

    Minimal Xmas section left with not much off a lot of the prices. Still better than Sainsbury who are selling their own mince pies for full price of £1.25, £8 and £20 Xmas trees for £8 and £20 etc. Still £5-£12 for Panettone.
    Must admit, the pecans in shells were half price at £1.50.

    M&S had some mince pies for 90p, although a lot of their Xmas puddings and Panettone were still way too high.
    Wasn't stopping anyone struggling with the cost of living though!
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    I bought some and I enjoyed them
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