Tesco sim in an o2 phone

    Good morning all
    Does anybody know if I buy a Sumsung J3 from o2 today will a Tesco sim card work in it ?


    It should. But ask O2 for confirmation just before u buy it.

    not sure but an o2 SIM will not work in a locked Tesco phone, just tried it

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    Should be absolutely fine since my old phone was network locked to o2 but I encountered zero issues in swapping out Tesco and GiffGaff SIM cards (they're both virtual networks that rely on o2 infrastructure) without paying to unlock the handset first.

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    I've rang o2 and they can't give me a straight answer..I'm buying it as a gift for someone who wants to stay on Tesco mobile. Tesco are selling the phone for £149 and o2 are selling it for £109 with a £10 top up.

    I'm of the thought that it will work fine that way round but an o2 SIM may not work in a Tesco payg phone

    You can unlock it for around a £5 on ebay…961?hash=item1a0a0f7d41:g:CNYAAOSwvg9XdtDa
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