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    Tesco sofa arrived broken by courier...

    Ordered an Alberta sofa from Tesco for my new flat. I waited all day to have it delivered today. When I told the delivery guys I live in an apartment on the first floor, they weren't very happy about it. The guys had some difficulties lifting the sofa up the stairs and were being quite rough, banging the sofa against the walls/ceiling/stair rails etc.

    After it finally got to my flat and the courier guys left, I unwrapped the packaging only to discover that the layer of polyester fabric on the bottom of the sofa is torn with a big hole. Really upset about this, should I contact Tesco about this? Other than that the sofa is actually good quality and good value for money


    of course contact tesco immediately

    Of course you should!

    I would contact Tesco. I've had a copule of issues with deliveries from them in the recent past but their customer service was excellent on both occasions.
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    if its the fabric underneath and does not affect where it can be seen, i would ring up for a hefty discount

    can u take pics and upload

    Phone your store they will send a service engineer out to replace the basecloth

    You should have unwrapped it before they left, in fact, they should have done it so you can check the product before signing for it.

    Phone Tesco!

    phone tesco and see what they say. they will probably offer a replacement or refund.

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    Thanks everyone for the kind advice. I rang Tesco and they offered a 10% refund as compensation (that is £15), I took it as I don't want to wait for a replacement and dreading the same will happen again. Maybe I should have asked for a service engineer too, didn't cross my mind when I called. I also asked to file a complaint against the courier company, the reply was that Tesco will deal with it internally. I think that means the incident will just become part of the damaged good statistics.The customer service guy on the phone was helpful and apologetic about the incident though, good service

    Is that it?? Lol
    I got £15 from Tesco just for their driver being rude to next door who kindly accepted our wardrobe delivery.
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