Tesco sofas - (generally) any good?

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Found 12th Jan 2008
My mum has seen a sofa she wants on the Tesco website, but wants to be sure on the quality.

1. Has anyone bought from Tesco before? If so, what's the quality like? (She has an M&S sofa at the moment)
2. What can she do if she doesnt like it? Anything? Or just stuck with it?

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Surely she could return it under the 7 days long distance selling regulations if she doesnt like it.

personally, i wouldnt reccomend buying a sofa without sitting on it first.

we bought the upton sofa from tescos, had it since october, back of the big sofa is messed up, as the spring has gone.

they wanted to charge us for another one, then refund the price when they came to collect the old one, too much hassle to send it back, as they were going to take the sofa, then send us out a new one at a later date, meaning we woyuld be with out a sofa for god knows how long

Not sure what Tescos are lie, but we bought one from Argos, the quality was abysmal. Chnaged it 4 times everytime a different fault. Cheaply made and you can tell. Sent it back and got refunded Bought one from Harveys in the sale. Now sitting on beanbags as It won't come until end of feb!
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