Tesco Spot the difference competition

Found 19th Nov 2010Made hot 20th Nov 2010
Spot one difference to enter

1. Van number plate (click it)

Watch our new TV ad for gift inspiration!
Fancy winning all the gifts from our Christmas TV ad? Play spot the difference and you could!

You're about to see two versions of our new Christmas advert playing at the same time. They will seem identical, but they're not. We've made five very subtle differences. Simply spot one, click on it, and you could win all the wonderful stuff shown in the advert. You'll need to watch very, very carefully. Good luck.


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Link here remeber to pause and click

if you pause the film at 16 seconds then look at the pink bags click on the bag logo to enter
at 35 seconds it is the tesco direct sign the order and collect is missing from the second film

It's funny that if you pause the video on 0.40 the number plate of the back of the van is different, and when you click on it it says 'incorrect'.......but if you click on the front number plate at 0.47 is says correct!

Or is it me?

at 40 sec the Tesco van pulls into the drive and on the left film there is no Tesco logo on the rear of the van at the top right of roller shutter.

Also at 27 secs the logos are different onthe pink bags - this is the same as at 16 secs


can only find 4
bags, numberplate, shutter on van and collect sign..

Very strange a lot of these say incorrect even though you can see the differences

thanks for all the help

:Dthank you


can only find 4bags, numberplate, shutter on van and collect sign..

same here


the one you are missing is the white bookshelves at the back of the man at 0:1 secs at the beginning :-) X

I spotted one after just a couple of seconds - the shelves at the back are full on the right and empty on the left. However it says incorrect when I click on either side.

--- ignore that, my error - it does work!
Edited by: "timbo995" 20th Nov 2010

Keeps saying incorrect

-- works after 3 seconds
Edited by: "Rubix78" 20th Nov 2010

the last one is the first, you need to click the shelves before you start to play the video..good luck!

Thank you - fingers crossed :-)


Great, thanks all!





cheers, got the one at the customer services desk.



Nice one, thanks very much guys. Found all 5. But agree that's its very buggy, even though you see the difference it only allows you to click at certain points.

thanks got them all

thanks mate

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