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    I see that Tesco have brought out a new broadband tarriff with their Value brand. It is 13.97 / month. I currently have their £12.49 / month anytime dial-up, but friends & family often complain that they can't get hold of me because the line is engaged. (A poor excuse, in my opinion, because they could ring my mobile!) I think my understanding is that if I had broadband I could use the phone at the same time. Would it affect which telecom provider I could use? Or could I still pick & choose according to price? I don't even know what broadband is. Does it plug into the phone socket like dial-up? :?



    Unfortunately, Tesco internet access is only available to customers using … Unfortunately, Tesco internet access is only available to customers using BT residential 'phone lines.If you have a BT residential line, please click 'go back' to try again. Otherwise, please click 'quit' and your registration will be cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thank youFirst we need

    First thing to do is to see if it's available in your area, if you have a BT telephone line

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    Yes I have a BT line and it is available in my area...but do I need it? Or would I benefit from it? It is only £1.50 a month more than dial-up.

    You would definitely benefit from it going from dial up to broadband. Webpages will load faster, surfing and downloading files is much quicker. Even though it's capped and you get just the one e-mail address, you could always sign up to webmail [Hotmail, Yahoo, many others...].

    £1.50 [about 37p a week] has to be worth it [I think]


    It does plug in to your phone socket, but it won't tie up your line, you can still make and recieve calls as normal while you are connected to the net. Once you have broadband you won't go back, I would definately recommend you go for it.

    Thanks poppy10 I forgot to mention that bit :oops:

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    I'm sorry, I still don't understand this. Do I need a 2 way adaptor to have the phone plugged in too. Do I need a modem?
    How does it plug into the computer?

    You should get a free modem and line splitter when you sign up.

    They often plug into the modem via USB.
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