Tesco Value Caramel Wafers 5 Pack 47p Vs Weight watcher wafers 5 pack £1.28

    My mum was buying weight watcher wafers 5 pack at tescos for £1.28 a pack, one day she spotted tesco value wafers and looked at the nutritional info; Tesco value, 80 cal, sugar 7.9g, fat 3.3g, saturates 2.0g, salt trace. Weight watchers, 79 cal, sugar 7.2g, fat 3.7g, saturates 2.3g, salt trace. They taste as good and save 81p !


    Both 1.5 points... are they the same size too?

    I will have to give it a miss though - got a dentist appointment to plan now :-(

    Original Poster

    Yep, exactly the same....

    i do this when shopping actually not a lot of difference imo only with price

    Tons of stuff like this if you just look at the information giving, WW stuff is so expensive so its great to save a few pennies here and there.
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