1. Tes Deals

    Tesco Value Cola and Lemonade

    In a particularity tight week, i bought a bottle of each of these.

    For those who haven't tried it yet. don't bother, it's vile and undrinkable


    all the basics, value etc. fizzy drinks are absolutely vile.
    either pay for the good stuff or drink water, thats my view!

    cheap basic pure orange juice aint too bad for something a bit more flavourfull than water.

    just tried the new basic orangeade from sainsburys only 25p but its rank

    the lidl and aldi ones ain't too bad and are fairly cheap.

    Can I just say, I buy the smart price cordials for my daughter, because she drinks a bottle in a few days,even if it's the good stuff... anyway, they have shrunk the bottles and put the price up from 17p to 25p, cheeky gits.


    Aldi (36p) & Netto (18p) cola is nice :thumbsup:

    The second tier Tesco colas (around 40p) are better. I like Diet cola with Almond.

    cola with almond!?! sound bleurgh!


    cola with almond!?! sound bleurgh!

    It tastes a lot like Dr Pepper Zero.

    What's wrong with Council Pop??

    The only own brand i've tried that was ok was a Tesco orangeade,i won't touch any cheap brand cola,it must be Pepsi:thumbsup:

    They seem to have changed the formula a few weeks ago the diet coke was drinkable but now its rank.

    pepsi is £1 a bottle in the asda at the mo, it seems to be on offer in any of the big supermarkets at any one time

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    I usually get the sparkling flavoured water that is always 3 for £1 in Sainsburys, that's nice. Stocked up on Robinsons Fruit and Barley that was on offer when i went to Tesco a few days ago
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