Tesco VAT cut Early from Friday 28th November

Advance notice - Tesco has announced that they will cut VAT to 15'% from Friday 28th November, several days in advance of the official deadline.

Could be worth waiting before making large purchases etc. It won't make huge differences, but 'every little helps'.


woo hoo

*end sarcasm

Thanks for the heads-up, but the whole VAT discount is really going to be much-ado-about-nothing. Its going to save people approx £1-2 off a £100 shopping bill or about £12 off a 500 purchase. Is that going to make people flock to the shops?! Not on your nelly.....and for the privelige of this VAT discount? PERMANENT CHANGES TO TAX/NI LAWS. I for one thing this is a backhanded attempt by Labour to try and get more money out of us and say its a good idea.

Sorry for the rant lol

there isn't VAT on food anyway, so unless you plan to buy a tv or something from there it aint gonna make much difference anywhoo.

There is VAT on some foods.

Personally I'm going to be returning a laptop which I expect them to reduce by a further £7. Unless they decide not to pass it on of course!


"The chain said it would pass the VAT reduction announced by Chancellor Alistair Darling on to all applicable non-food products, including electrical goods, home entertainment and clothing, from Friday."
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