Tesco Voucher Booklet

    I was shopping in a new store near here today, and the very helpful assistant that I was chatting to (up), told me that if you phone the tesco clubcard helpline and ask for a 'money off voucher' booklet, they will send you a book of vouchers for cash off your shopping.

    Her mum got one recently with 5 x £10, 3 x £20 and 2 x £30 off vouchers.

    I phoned and the muppet I got said he would send me out the booklet for food club straight away, I've no idea if this is the booklet she got or not.

    But worth a try peeps tel: 0800 59 16 88

    Good luck


    thanks...bvut more importantly...did u get HER number hehe!

    i tried and they cannot send voucher packs out from the telesales dept. they said some stores do random mailshots to entice people back, expecially when there is a new supermarket opening nearby or when a local supermarket is doing new special offers. she did take my details and said she would pass them on to my local branch to include me in future mailings though!

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    thanks...bvut more importantly...did u get HER number hehe!

    I wish :-D
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