Tesco voucher codes

Anybody have any voucher codes for Tesco groceries as there doesnt seem to be many under vouchers in HUKD. Or maybe it the new layout that I cannt get my head around to find them.

Tesco's are cutting back with there codes also, so it is probably a combination of the both.

Thanks in advance.


Take a look here!

750 Points on a £50 Spend (First Shop Only) XX-XKV6 exp: 30/12/07


£5 off £50 spend XX-FDGT - exp 29/02/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-KCFH - exp 02/02/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-CRDJ - exp 29/02/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-VRZJ - exp 29/02/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-8TW - exp 31/03/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-68N7 - exp 28/02/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-R263 - exp 28/02/08
£5 off £50 spend XX-FDGT - exp 28/02/08

£15 off ??? spend XX-HY6G - exp 11/02/08
£10 off £50 spend XX-6V6N - exp 13/02/08

none of these worked for me.

XX-XGVQ, XX-8TWW Try these £5 off £50 The others worked for me

Original Poster

I have used all the above and computer says they are either typed wrong or used the maximum amout of times.

I will just need to wait until any new posts are posted. I think with Tesco you have to get the codes in quick or you dont get them.

Thanks for your help
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