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    I have just got my clubcard vouchers and want to use them online this time instead of in the store but the is no code to do this. Does anyone know if this is possible or will I have to shop in store???

    Thanks in advance


    i tried the same thing the other day and the codes were not recognised, sorry to jump into your thread but it would be nice to know if you can. Thanks

    I have just looked on the vouchers i have and there is an online code on the front of it. I have never used this code for the grocery section before but i have ordered deals ok with this code.

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    Mine dont have the online code on them. Do you know how to change this??


    Mine dont have the online code on them. Do you know how to change this??

    No sorry as i look at mine now, the front of the voucher has the name and card no. then the online code and then the valid until and of course the amount. As far as i knew they were all the same, sorry

    If you go to the clubcard section of the tesco website you can change the type of vouchers you are sent in future, they can be either online or instore, but not both as far as I remember.…asp

    You can opt for online or store only, not both

    Hope this helps
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