Tesco Vouchers

    i have quite a few tesco vouchers (nearly £1000 worth under two different names) and wonered if it was possible to sell them? If so, how would you go about it?

    I was looking to use them to take a holiday for a week but virgin only seem to do long haul and cosmos, well, they don't look that great.

    i'd also be interested to know what people have spent their vouchers on



    I have spent mine on meals out at Bella Italia and jewellery from Goldsmiths. We also used hem for a while at TenPin bowling and had a weekend away in Edinburgh using them for entry into local atractions.

    We were thinking of paying for our next holiday with them but got a better deal with another operator. I will be using some this year to pay for a years RAC membership.

    As for selling them, I am pretty sure they have your name on and can only be used by the person named, not that anyone has ever checked mine when i used them. I have used vouchers that my mum had left to make up the amount i had fo Goldsmiths. They happily took them as payment but they had the same surname on them as mine.

    Not sure how you would go about selling them but, fleabay seems the obvious option. However, you will need to know what you're doing as folk sometimes like you to convert the vouchers and then pass these onto the buyer.

    As poster above states the Goldsmiths vouchers have your surname printed on them and can therefore probably only be used by someone with that surname. I say probably as I'm not sure how this gets checked. I used my Tesco vouchers to purchase Goldsmiths vouchers. So for every £1 in Tesco vouchers you get £4 in Goldsmiths. I bought an Omega watch so you could say I saved 75% on the retail price.

    I know some folk buy 'high value' items like these and then simply sell them on earning more cash than they would if selling the Tesco Vouchers on fleabay.

    I see someone is trying to sell £52 of vouchers (worth £208 in deals) for £150 so that may give you some idea.


    one way of using the vouchers would be to turn them into airmiles, then you could still do the holiday thing. It would mean booking the holiday/air flight via the airmiles website though.

    check out the clubcard part of the tesco site for more details, but e.g.

    For example, £8.50 worth of Clubcard Vouchers gets you 200 miles - enough … For example, £8.50 worth of Clubcard Vouchers gets you 200 miles - enough for a return flight to Bordeaux and £25 worth of Clubcard Vouchers gets you 600 miles - enough for a return flight to Berlin or Venice. But why stop there? Only 3000 miles - or £125 worth of Clubcard Vouchers - will get you to Boston.


    hope this helps

    We used clubcard points to visit Egypt earlier this month, we exchanged vouchers for XL.COM deals, def recommended.


    Cosmos is also listed on the tesco website- they do some nice villa breaks in Europe
    If you were to sell them, I'd recommend breaking them up into smaller lots. An ebay buyer will need you to convert them into their chosen deal token which you can do on the Tesco website. Things like holiday, airmiles, hotel vouchers are only issued in the clubcard holders name, so only certain deals are transferable..
    (restaurant vouchers for example- you'll find more information in the terms and conditions on each deal on the website.)
    Be aware that although £250 of vouchers is worth £1000 in deals, most vouchers on ebay sell for roughly twice face value, so you might only make £500-£600....

    Original Poster

    Hi guys, thanks for all the ideas. I'm going to look into the airmiles and also XL (i thought they were now not part of tescos deals).
    i've previously used them for car parking through purpleparking, but they aren't on the list anymore
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