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    just doin loine shope, came to 50 quid, cant find any voucher any 1 know any??


    o theres loads lol.....

    min spend of £50
    Delivery between 14/01/08 to 27/01/08 - XX69P7 - 250 Extra points
    Delivery between 28/01/08 to 10/02/08 - XXJ7HG - 250 Extra points
    Delivery between 11/02/08 to 24/02/08 - XX3YXK - 250 Extra points

    XXHBC3 -£5 off £50
    could try that though it may be expired?

    all else it!

    Just Tried These And Others There Seams Tobe No New Codes Around:thinking:

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    ok erm now my oshooping is 90 quid

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    k so know my shopping is 100, there must be a good 10o code out there, everytime i have a small order its full of high codes, now i cant find one please help

    Havent got a Tesco code to work all week - there is something major going on at Tesco.

    My worst fear is that all codes are going to be customer specific

    Please someone tell me they've got a posted code to work this week.

    I couldnt get any codes to work, was going to shop somewhere else but they had some stuff cheap so I stocked up and saved more than I would of with a code anyway

    Finish powerball quantim 24 pack - half price
    Kellogs Special K 500g - 2 for £2.50 (£2.55 each)
    Bold lavender and cammomile tablets 48 - Reduced
    John Freida hair spray for frizzy hair - reduced
    Cathedral City cheese - £1 discount

    All of those (bought 5 x finish tablets, 2 x bold tablets, 4 x special k, 3 x cheese) saved me a hell of a lot more than the vouchers ever have, and I am now stocked up for a while on everything!

    Just tried using Tesco code and had it refused. I'll get my shopping somewhere else.

    All Tesco codes appear to be targeted now, so only work if you received the code.
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