tesco vouchers

    are u not allowed to sell ur tesco vouchers on here?


    not for higher than their price


    No, you are not allowed to sell them on HUKD as they are non-transferable.

    I'd posted the relevant information in your FS Thread which is now locked :



    Can we re-think these Tesco vouchers.
    A lot of the deal tokens can be used by anyone.
    I know, I have both bought and sold Tesco vouchers.
    They generaly tend to go for half the value of the vouchers that you can buy with them and represent a significant saving for the person buying.
    It is a lot better than someone on here selling a £30.00 CEX voucher for £28.00 for instance.
    I see a fair few vouchers for sale on here where people can save 1 or 2 percent by buying them. With these vouchers people can save 50% of the deal.
    I think this makes them ideal for sale on this site as they genuinely are a Hot UK Deal.
    The people scorning the sale on the other thread clearly don't understand what these vouchers are about.
    I think they should be able to be sold on here as they aren't given out for free, but "earned" by spending money in Tesco.
    Please get together with the other mods and or Admin and rethink this policy.
    After all, Every little helps. :thumbsup:


    We did have a discussion on this when sassie posted her thread :


    & it's also because of the Tesco T&Cs that they can't be listed - they state that they are not transferable so in theory they can't be used by any individuals other than the person they were issued to.

    I will mention it again though.

    Thanks :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    I really dont understand this people sell these on ebay all the time. there are worth 4x the value. but hay what ever! :?

    Thanks Sigma,
    I have bought vouchers for Adventure Island ( Used to be Peter Pan's Playground ) before, not on here though, for half the price it would cost me direct.
    Being a single parent to two daughters, this has saved me loads of money. I think it is very helpful being able to buy these vouchers from wherever.

    sigma you say that tesco says vouchers are not transferable, but surely all the codes that appear on this site are 'not transferable' but work in others accounts ie littlewoods, tesco etc????
    Whats the difference?
    If i had £20 of Tesco day out vouchers (no names etc on these) i should be able to sell for £10 - below face value???
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