Posted 17th Sep 2022 (Posted 14 h, 0 m ago)
I use clubcard app as all there good to go vs leaving paper vouches at home by mistake, and last day tomorrow for the £9 off £60 spend voucher.
Another 2 vouchers for £6 to come starting next week. Guess it's everyone?
While I'm here...
We switched from morrisons to tesco because of prices.
Think the morrisons half price breakfast is to get customers back to store... Maybe.
We also use aldi for some products.
Our shopping was £140 a week but now with aldi and tesco it's coming in around £100 (£94 this week with voucher)
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    Under coupons in the tesco clubcard app.
    Maybe some will have paper one?
    Worth looking.
    It's not the points coupons / vouchers. That's separate (edited)
    I dont have this offer in my app. I was used to shop at tesco then switched to Aldi and I started getting coupons from tesco like £7 off £40 spent in post. Around 4 weeks worth of vouchers. (edited)
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    What's the £9 off £60 voucher you mentioned?
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    Haven't had money off vouchers from tesco in years now