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Found 4th Nov 2010
Heads up, found on MSE; Just found £13 worth of vouchers we didn't know we had Just letting more people know, so no credit here.
"Tesco.com have launched a new Clubcard mini-site, which gives a lot more detail about your CC account, points accrued, vouchers used etc etc. I posted this on the other board, as I found when I logged into it and looked in "Your Vouchers" section, that I had a £21 CC voucher dating back to last year that I hadn't used!! It seems that several other people have found the same thing - forgotten about or lost old vouchers - these can be either reissued in paper form by ringing Tesco CS, or else on the mini-site it actually gives you the online code for the unused voucher so you can use it for online purchases or rewards!"

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should be in misc!

Original Poster

oops sorry. just noticed

I saw it on MSE earlier,i saw it posted on here months ago that you could ring up and check.

Woohoo £4.00 from christmas last year

It's party time.


Was just about to post this deal until it came up as a duplicate!
Heat added - Caught this on MSE the other day and have £15 not spent! Anyone wanting to spend the vouchers in the 'Big Voucher' exchange needs to spend them within 2 weeks I think there is left...

I believe from the above comment it must have been on here a few months ago, but even so, it's still a good reminder for anyone forgotten or who did not know about it!

it wont let me log in
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