Tesco vouchers in Asda

Found 21st Dec 2008
Hi everyone,
Does anyone know if Asda accept money off vouchers meant for Tesco? I have a booklet of them but don't do my big shop in Tesco - too far away - I'd like to use them against my Xmas shop in Asda this week, but don't want to embarrass myself if they don't take them.


my guess is they wont take them

Dont think so

This is a joke, right?!


This is a joke, right?!

I thought I had misread the title :?

No, I wouldn't try to use these in asda, I don't see them taking them. Although, you don't try you don't get ;-)

asda only take vouchers now if you get the item i think they are cracking down

No I dont think they will I asked about sainsburys vouchers in asda yesterday but they wouldnt take them

conditional spend vouchers are the ones all supermarkets seem to take off each other ie spend £30 save £3

Sure the sign outside our asda said they took tesco vouchers.
Could be the other way around though,it was a few weeks ago, I remember the sign as we commented how odd it was.

tesco took sainsbury's £6 off £40 voucher...sweet with no problemo.

ASDA used to take the tesco vouchers but have since stopped i used to go in there with my clubcard voucher as asda used to have alot of the entertainment products games and dvd cheaper than tesco.
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