Tesco wine deals - or not .....

    As we have an upcoming celebration, I wanted to buy some champagne in the wine sale and decided to cash in some Clubcard vouchers a eCoupons to pay for it. So last week I put 6 bottles of Veuve Cliqcot NV in my basket and waited for the coupons to arrive.

    As of yesterday nothing had arrived - so last night I went online to buy the champagne (muttering curses ...) But, now it was mysteriously out of stock - several hours before the deal was due to close. Tough luck eh? (more curses ....)

    Now it's the next day .... and guess what? The eCoupons have arrived and the champagne is mysteriously back in stock - but at a higher price! I phoned Tesco to ask how this happened .... and in the end, they admitted that just sell what they've set aside and then close the deal - regardless of the published end-date. No reserved rights on the lower price online it seems!


    I had a very similar thing with a voucher on a TOM TOM when I bought insurance from TESCO. I added the item to my basket but then the voucher wouldn't work, several calls and days later I had an email to confirm the Voucher was now active............ But the TOM TOM I had selected and was still in my basket had gone up by £80!!!! As my voucher was for £100, it now only saved me £20!

    I wrote them a stinking email and was promptly credited with the difference. I think they do it on purpose.... Is that slanderous???

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    I couldn't see an email address - so I had to make do with the "No help"-desk number.......
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