Tesco.com advice needed...

Hi all

I ordered 18 boxes of the JP Chenet Sauvignon Blanc on Saturday due for delivery tonight. While I have been out at the office one of my colleagues got a call from Tesco.com to say that the wine I ordered is out of stock, and he suggested that if I just want to order wine, I should go through the wine warehouse (where its probably full price).

Couple of questions:

1. Should they be discussing my order with a person who has nothing to do with it?

2. Can I insist on a substituted item?

I am seriously peeved that they advertised at £7.49 a case, and now they want to cancel it with no offer of a substitue.


They done the exact same thing to me a couple of months ago :x never complained though because in my experince Tesco just ignore complaints so a waste of time

Maybe others have had better dealings with Tesco though !:whistling:

unfortunately tesco do do not price match the substitutes (like asda do) so if you ask for a substitute then you will end up paying more anyway

cant believe your actually moaning about it on here

maybe u should see a solictor and seek professional advice

Foxy get on the blower and complain. They should not discuss your order with anyone other than you. I would tell them you are happy to wait till stock comes in and expect the price to be honoured.

If you don't ask you don't get!!!!


cant believe your actually moaning about it on here

Not sure this comments is not particularly helpful - this is someone who is seeking advice and this is EXACTLY the right place to do so!

Re the discussion of your order with a work colleague that is shockng - I'm sure that would contravene their data protection policy so I would definately make a complaint.

Let us know how it goes!

If they havent got no stock they cant just make it appear! does it occur to you that the reason why theres no stock is because someones just bought 18 cases of the stuff!

offers like this should carry restrictions, so there enough to go around!


If they havent got no stock!

Well if they [COLOR=Blue]havent got no[/COLOR] stock then that means they must have some stock and are lying! Are you in on the "dont let foxy have his wine as he will only drink it plot" too? Are you Tesco's inside espionage mole?

Original Poster

Thanks for all the replies guys. I called up Tesco.com and found out that they had a load of stock at the second nearest store to me. Went there and picked it up no probs. Also got 5% off as I bought over 6 boxes! Result! They are looking into the data protection thing.

Thanks for the advice HARRIA01, I bow down to your greater knowledge and grammer...
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