TescoDirect not honouring "free ipod charger" deal

I ordered 2 ipods from TescoDirect last week using their "free ipod charger" deal. At first I was told the deal had finished early due to high demand but when I called back again around 45 minutes later with a question about the extra 1500 points, the same cs rep told me that the charger deal was being put on again the following day as it had ended early by mistake and to order then. I did this, the chargers were added to my orders automatically and the payment was taken. However, when the ipods were delivered there were no chargers included and when I rang cs again, I was told there was a note on their system to say that the chargers were unavailable and would not be supplied.

They are now refusing to supply the chargers even when they come back into stock and refuse to accept that a contract was made to supply the chargers when payment was taken and the items despatched. A manager even said that one of the ipods was a different sku from the other and it did not include a charger. Well, one was a touch and the other a classic, and the deal was on ALL ipods and nanos.

The only reason we bought from them was because of the free chargers as Amazon have a £15 off deal until tomorrow making their price more or less the same as tesco with the 1500 points.

The thing is, what can I do about it now?


No suprise.


f... all.

Return them and buy from Amazon..........job done

seems tesco have now become SO big that they just dont care about customer service anymore-used to think they were excellent but hearing more and more stories like this.Deliberate misprices on website,drawing people into insurance/dvd rental etc with promises of extra clubcard points and then not honouring the deal-all seems too common with tesco nowadays.

TescoDirect are fail, I don't even trust them for in-store pick-up any more.

I agree with what barky says, but I would like to just add,
Tesco is the greatest free delivery service in the world.

Without knowing too much about the deal and taking your word for this I would say check to see the email which confirmed the despatch of the Ipod and the chargers. Secondly you called up to enquire about this and someone with specialist knowledge (an employee) confirmed that this offer was back on and if you can prove there was reliance then your case becomes stronger and thirdly the goods were added onto the basket automatically (don't know how strong this point is legally) then all you have to do is write a very polite letter telling them all this and that if they refuse to honour this you will have no option but to pass on the 'despatch' email' to the OFT and seek advice from your local CAB office. S13.(1) Sale of goods act states that where there is a contract for the sale of goods by description, there is an implied term that the goods will correspond with the description. Also Misrepresentation Act 1967 section 2 (1).

One thing I would say is that they might throw in the fact that you were planning on buying it anyway from Amazon who did not give the chargers so the courts might say that you still got the goods regardless of the fact you may not have a charger. However (and this is based on the very limited knowledge of your case) I think you are a at a very strong position and should try and call them up again, it may be that you spoke to an idiot and you might have a better chance with someone else or you could you could email the top boss, his email is floating around somewhere on the net.
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