Tescoooo Hellppp!!!

    I cant seem to shop on tesco website

    ive previously ordered from them

    now when i go make another order i add groceries to the basket but when i go to checkout it says nothing is in there?!?!

    tried deleting cookies etc but no effect

    HELP!!! i wanna sit around like a lazy bum while my food gets delivered!!!!:giggle:


    I've had a similar problem before....

    Do you add the products straight from the main page?

    I find that if I click on the item and add it from the pop up screen it usually doesnt add itself to my cart properly.

    (edit was spell checking)

    Try another browser and see if you get the same error.


    Original Poster

    ahh yes it works in firefox

    but why not IE!!!


    mine too. its works using firefox but i don't like firefox so why has this suddenly changed. it really makes me mad.

    I blame Mr Saxo.......he's messing with our minds. :x :giggle:



    You mean - the .org is a parked page :whistling:
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