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Tescos, do they cut SIM cards?

Posted 15th Feb 2013
I have a normal sized SIM card that I need as a micro sim (contract). I read that 3 cut them down for you, and just wondered if anyone knew if tesco did the same? I don't fancy doing it myself!
Or if they just switch the number to one, and if so, how long does it take?
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Of course. They get a sharp knife from homewares and hack it up
my local tesco extra do cut the sim card to micro size with a sim tool cutter they did mine (Bishop Auckland)
Probably if you ask them but you can easily find templates on the net and it is so simple
My son had to change to a micro sim when he got his new phone and tesco just gave us a micro sim and we just had to ring up to swap the number didnt have to cut it.
Thanks, does the number change over straight away if they do that?
My local mobile phone shoppie does it for £1
Just get a pair of scissors and watch a youtube video.

If it were a nano sim I would say get a new one sent through, but a micro sim is easy to cut down.
I'm with vodafone, called them about micro sim, had it delivered the next day and its free, ;).
Get a cutter from eBay, around £1-2. It's a good tool and you may need it in the future anyway. Very simple/straightforward to use.
They will if they have the cutter in store, otherwise they may just swap your sim and get you to activate it. Depends on if they have the facilities.
Thank you all, went to local phone shop in the end, the couple of quid I paid was probably cheaper than the drive to tesco
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