tesco's trying a trick

    Last week on here there was an maxtor external 500gig drive deal for sainsburys for £20,now i've been looking for one of these for a while had my eye on one in tesco for the last month and it was £47.Now we don't have a sainsburys so thought i'd check tesco just in case they had the same offer got the lad to scan it no still £47.I went in today and i'd seen the price cut stickers where they were so got excited has there were quite a few on the shelf i thought bargain here.When i looked they were £10 off,yet these were still £47 and have been for a month so i got them to scan it £47.So Tesco's are pulling a fast one here saying there £10 off yet they've always been this price but trying to intice you into thinking your getting a bargain



    call the police.

    Scratch that, call the army!!!


    its tesco what do you expect..........

    it is wrong though


    It only has to be at the higher price for 28days minimum at any of their stores in the UK, perfectly legal

    You got excited 'cos you saw a price cut sticker?

    Lots of companies do this... ebuyer seem to be the one that I see do it the most, they bump up the price for a few days then cut it back to what it was so they can send it out in an email saying massive saving or put it on their site when in fact it isn't.
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