Posted 14th Nov 2006
Did my first online shop the other night, quite proud of myself I was too....however!

Is it just me and they thought they would have a good laugh at my expense?!

I spent £75, but included in that was a Xbox game, so erm, £35 on food.

Came in no less than 32 bags!!!!

What's with that!? I have just done more exercise too'ing and fro'ing from the kitchen than I do in a whole year. Why does every single item have to have it's own bag?!

Plus, every bag was tied in a knot, which means ripping open every single one, so they are now useless!!

Argh! What's with that!? Any tesco's packers on here care to comment...

and to prove a point....£35 of shopping...not all bags pictured, was half way through my epic adventure by then.…jpg

This is now my own official moan thread. Tommorows topic shall be random long and curlys popping up in bizzare locations :x
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